20 Best Places to Photograph the Tokyo Sky Tree

Hello, my name is Nocchi.

Along with the Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Sky Tree is one of Tokyo’s most iconic structures.

The Sky Tree is the tallest radio tower in the world at 634 meters, surpassing even the Tokyo Tower in height, and has an overwhelming presence.

In this article, I will introduce my recommended spots for photographing the Tokyo Sky Tree one by one, along with some tips.

Please refer to this article for the previously introduced photo spots of Tokyo Tower.


Hello, my name is Nocchi.I often take pictures of Tokyo Tower. Being a bit of a country girl, I have a longing for Tok[…]



20 photo spots to take pictures of Tokyo Sky Tree

I will now introduce the spots where I often take pictures of the Tokyo Sky Tree.

It was difficult to narrow down the list because I was shooting from various locations, but I managed to narrow it down to 20.


Sumida River Terrace

First, the Sumida River Terrace is the best place to photograph the Sky Tree.

From here, you can photograph the Sumida River Walk, which just opened in June 2020, and the Sky Tree.

Since the terrace is located under the Tobu Railway tracks, you can see the illuminated Sky Tree, the Sumida River Walk, and the train. In addition, the light reflected on the Sumida River. I always go here when I want to take a picture of the Sky Tree, because I can take a picture with a luxurious composition.

The Sky Tree and the buildings can also be photographed at the Sumida River Terrace.

The fences are high and winds are often strong in this area, so it is recommended that you prepare a tall, sturdy tripod before taking pictures.


Sumida Park

A houseboat, cherry blossoms, and the Sky Tree. Sumida Park is a place where you can take pictures that truly symbolize Tokyo, and I would like to keep it as a record.


Keisei Bridge

From the Keisei-bashi Bridge, the Sky Tree and the East Tower can be combined into one composition.

Because of the close proximity of the Sky Tree here, it is difficult to get a full view of the Sky Tree without using a wide-angle lens of about 18mm conversion.


Koume Children’s Park

Koume Children’s Park is just a short walk from the Sky Tree, which is decorated with art works.

This is a relatively quiet spot where few people are taking pictures, so it is possible to take your time.

The key to this spot is how to include the artwork in the composition, while also including the full view of the Sky Tree.


Sky Tree East Tower 30F Observation Deck

There is a free observation deck on the 30th floor of the East Tower restaurant area. From there, you can photograph the foot of the Sky Tree and the expansive Tokyo nightscape.

Note that you will be shooting through glass, and since it is dark outside and bright inside, reflections will occur.

When shooting, it is important to use a ninja reflector to minimize reflections.


Genmori Bridge

From Genmoribashi Bridge, you can take pictures of Sky Tree and Tobu Railway together on the surface of the water.

This spot is not too rough, so you can take beautiful reflections, but you will need a high tripod because of the high fence.

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