Top 13 Photo Spots at Shinjuku

Hello, my name is Nocchi.

Shinjuku is home to many photo spots. Even just walking around, you often pass photographers with SLR cameras. In addition to its easy accessibility, Shinjuku has many photo spots where you can take interesting pictures.

Here we will introduce 13 such photo spots in the Shinjuku area, one by one. We will introduce everything from famous spots to hidden gems, so please take a look at them as a reference when looking for a place to take pictures.



13 photo spots around Shinjuku

Many people think of Shinjuku as Tokyo’s futuristic buildings and glittering neon lights, but in fact, there are other places that are artistic and fashionable, as well as places where you can feel nature.

Let me introduce you to the photo spots one by one.



Kabukicho Gate

First is Kabukicho, one of the most popular spots in Shinjuku. The powerful gates and neon lights continue deep into the city, making for informative photographs.

At night, the stores begin to shine, creating a lively atmosphere for photography, but in the morning and afternoon, the atmosphere is very calm and relaxed.

The key is to take photos quickly so as not to disturb the people and cars around you. It is best to avoid using a tripod.



Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is so famous these days that not a day goes by when it is not in the news. For a while, it was tinted red with Tokyo Alert and other such events. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office is also a popular photo spot, with its lights changing colors to match various events, such as the Tokyo Alert.

Unless the lighting is very unusual, the area is basically empty, so you can use a tripod and take your time to take pictures.

Basically, we recommend photographing at night, but during the daytime, especially on rainy days, the heavy atmosphere of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building makes it possible to take calm pictures.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building also has an observation deck, so it would be interesting to go there and enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo.



Godzilla Road

There is a giant Godzilla in Shinjuku. The Central Road leading up to such a Godzilla is also called Godzilla Road. You can reach it by going to the back of the Kabukicho Gate introduced at the beginning.

You can take a straightforward shot from the front, or you can take Godzilla from various other angles, so be sure to look around for a variety of spots.

This is also not a place to set up a tripod, so take a quick shot and head to the next location right away. The area is brightly lit, so you can easily take pictures with your handheld even at night.



Shintoshin Intersection

From the Nishi-Shinjuku pedestrian bridge, you can photograph the dynamic new city center intersection and buildings.

Long exposures can be used to capture the light trails of the cars to create powerful photographs. A tripod is a must for long exposures, but the place is quite shaky, so the trick is to aim at a time when there are few pedestrians on the street. Although the photo is clear, the building is quite large and is surprisingly close to the pedestrian bridge, so a wide-angle lens is also necessary.



If you turn around 180 degrees from the previous photo location at the Shintoshin intersection, you will be able to see the glittering Shinjuku cityscape. This is a spot where you can take a condensed photo of Shinjuku, with its many passing trains, people walking near them, and busy streets.

This is also a place where you can take a variety of photos, such as using the light trail of a car as a laser or taking a flowing shot of a train, making it a delicious place to take several shots at once. As with the New City Center intersection, it is quite bumpy, so be sure to time your shutter release carefully.

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